Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My perspective art

What: we have created perspective art that show objects close and far away.

So what: my art is based on a sunset neibourhood with the beautiful sky and the mild sunset and the slowly distant trees.

Lines: I used more straight lines at the bottem and more twisty lines at the top.

Texture: mostly my texture is dark but for colours like my grass and footpath are more light.

Colour: most of my art is realistic but for the houses it's very unlikely to see an orange house.

Shape: the shape of my houses are pretty small compared to my trees but my sun is probably one of the biggest things on my art.

Space: my things are spaced out pretty well but my houses should take up more space.

Now what: I would do my road more darker next time and my colours of my houses would be better if they were more dark.