Thursday, 30 June 2016

Student Led Conference Reflection

The things I enjoyed most about my SLC were:
Showing my dad my learning because when I talk to him about national standard he doesn't usually get it. But now I'm very sure he gets it now. I also liked showing him my writing because I've never shown him my writing.

What went well and why?
I think showing him my asttle because I explained what every box meant and what my scores meant with lots of detail because the asttle test results sound very simple once you get used to it but If you've never heard of them before they and get rather confusing
What were the challenges you faced when preparing and presenting your SLC?
Getting all the correct links for everything was probably the hardest part of preparing it because I had to link all my modelling books and blog posts etc. The hardest part of presenting was making talking about everything my dad has never heard of with great detail.

What changes would you make for next time and why?
I would make sure all my links were correct because 1 of my modelling books were the wrong one but thankfully it didn't effect anything about my SLC.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Homework Challenge - Reading Challenge

Do Not stand at my grave and weep

Mary Elizabeth Frye
2 Current



The Press

The International express
Sophisticated Picture Book.
Lion, the witch and the wardrobe

C.S Lewis


Non fiction

Villainous victorians

Terry Derry


Creame Magazine

Book of short


Lucky dip NZ short storys.

(It was written by lots of NZ Writers)

Your choice


Michael Grant

Non fiction book

Gorgeous Georgians

Terry Deary

A Biography

They let me wrote a book

Jamie Curry

Your choice
How to boost your profile

Meredith Badger


For each category, fill in the

• Title

• Author

• Date you read the text.

Be prepared to answer questions about the texts that you have read.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Yesterday I had a very important meeting about leadership.
A few weeks ago my whole class did an action plan and as I come under the leadership group I had to organise a event.
Yesterday I had a meeting with Mr Mcallum to discuss what we should do. So we are having some children who performed at the multicultural assembly to perform at the open day. Thankfully MrMacllum has found 5 people who can do it so that is really awesome!!

The Care value/learner quality I have used
I used active thinking as in the end we came to a final dissuasion about what we should do and I also have done a lot of this on my own with organising the meetings and so on.

The Leadership quality I have used
I used resilience because we had to change the original idea around a little bit because it was much better and suited more people.

Friday, 24 June 2016


This week have not had much leadership, happen but a little!
Firstly there has not been any different flags to put up this week beside the New Zealand one.
But I actually did email Mr Mcaullum about getting the people who performed at the multicultural assembly to perform at the end of term one!
I haven't gotten a response yet but I will check my emails encase he has emailed back!
Overall next week I think will have much more leadership as I will email Mrs Smith about organizing a meeting!

Care value/ Learner quality
Care value/ Learner quality I have used was Communicate I have emailed Mr Mcallum and will probably email Mrs Smith!

Leadership quality:
The learner quality I have used was Active Thinker because I made sure to get all my sml done so I can do all these leadership things!


Yesterday I had librarian, as it was very damp yesterday Alicia, Zainab and I didn't bring the bean bags as we didn't want to get them wet.
We choose three books each, the books I choose were a fairy book, a book of kings and queens and a spot the dog book.
I read to two little kids who really liked the books, I also read the books that Alicia and Zainab choose.
Overall I enjoyed reading the books to the little kids.

Care value/ Learner quality 
The Care Value/Learner Quality I used was respect because everyone new that if we brought the bean bags they would get wet.

Leadership quality:
The Leadership quality I used was active thinker because I have found that the books with the flaps you can open on each page a very popular, so I know for next week to grab those books!

Care value/ Learner quality
Leadership quality:

Friday, 17 June 2016


Yesterday I had Librarian.
I actually really enjoyed librarian because it was nice and sunny and the bean bags were really nice when they're in the sun for a bit.
Firstly I got some books out that I either haven't read or I have read once.
I was reading to one boy and one girl, the books I read to them were spots books, which is rather funny because I used to read spot books when I was younger as they are a little old.
After reading to the little kids I was walking back with Alicia and I overheard one of the little kids I was reading to yelling so I got and check and their is a "little Kids" argument so I got the one I was reading to, to go and play with some of her friends because they were yelling at her, I would've told Peer mediators but sadly I couldn't see any at the time.

Care value/ Learner quality
The care Value I used was respect as I respected equipment when I carried it over and back.

Leadership quality:
The leadership trait I used was integrity because I was being fair when briefly solving a problem.


This week their has been a few things to do with leadership.
Firstly at the start of the week I had a meeting with Mrs Smith, the meeting when very well as we've organised some things to do, I will have to do some emailing after this.
Today I put the flag up and I'm probably putting it down as I don't think Victor is here today.
Overall This week has been good for leadership as I feel I'm getting lots of things done.

Care value/ Learner quality
The care value I showed was Community because i was collaborating with Mrs Smith very well at the leadership meeting.

Leadership quality:
The Leadership trait I have showed was Active thinking we had to workaround some things in the meeting as what we originally thought we could not do due to people being busy.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Homework Challenge - Cook 3, 3 Course Meals

Homework Challenge - Cook 3, 3 Course Meals

5/6/2016 (My Birthday!)
Starter Papadums, Samosas, and Pakora
Main Course: Chicken curry
Desert: Chocolate cake 

Starter: Garlic bread
Main course: Toad In The Hole, (which is a traditional English dish with sausages in Yorkshire pudding served with vegetables.
Desert: Ice Cream

Starter: bruschetta
Main Course: Sunday Roast Dinner
Desert: Steam Jam Sponge

Friday, 10 June 2016


This week I was showing lots of leadership values.
Firstly I was taking the flag down the most this week. Reason being I get to school a bit later then Victor so he puts it up, which I'm fine with I don't really mind.
I have edited my leadership action plan so it is more complex and next Monday I'm having a meeting with Mrs Smith and Victor. Which will be good to get all out information for what we're planning at the end of the term.

Leadership Trait
The leadership trait I have showed this week was integrity because I have been knowing to out the flag down and I put it down respectfully and make sure I fold it nicely.

Care value/ Learner quality
The CARE value I have used was Active Thinking because I was editing my action plan so its all good!


Yesterday I had librarian, as usual we read to the little kids.
I decided to read something new, something that wasn't a barbie book or a spot the dog book as they get very boring after a few weeks.
I was reading to three little girls who mainly liked girly books which was okay as I got some different types of "girly" books.

Leadership quality:
The leadership trait i showed was active thinker because I didn't want to get the same old books out, so i got some different ones.

Care value/ Learner quality
The care value I used was respect as some little kids are a bit over bearing but I was respectful towards them anyway.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Reason With linear proportions

W.A.L.T: Reason With Linear Proportions 

3rd Degree
512 mb
2 gb

What is the best deal? 
The best deal is Cellcom as every 2gb is $20 and for redfone its $25 and 3rd degree is $180.

I figured it out,
with the clues I got at the start to help me, Because in each table there was a number and I used it to give me clues toward my answer.

Friday, 3 June 2016


This week I have been doing some leadership
Firstly we didn't have the best weather this week so on one of the days the flag was up it got drenched!
But thankfully we put up the Samoan flag the next day so it was okay! Mrs Smith dried the flag  near her heater in her office.
This week we have been doing an action plan so we are planning something for the end of the term.
Also this we was an ESOL meeting so we had to greet some people, but they usually know what they're doing.

Care Value
The care value I used was active thinking because making the action plan did take rather long but it worked very well.

Leadership Trait
The leadership quality I used was Resilience because on the day of the bad weather I had to put the flag down! But I did it even though it was freezing!


Yesterday I had librarian, I think I choose some really good books for librarian because The little kids really liked the books I choose out. I have found that the most popular books are, spot the dog and barbie books.
But it gets VERY dull reading them several times.
Overall I still enjoyed librarian as I still get to read to different little kids every week witch is always fun!

Care Value
The care value I used was Respect as for some reason this time I found it very hard to carry the beanbags so I made sure to respect them as they do cost a lot of money.

Leadership Trait
The leadership trait I showed was Resilience because the bean bags were VERY heavy but I didn't give up.

On the bus at tech

This week I was at tech, I wasn't their last week because I was sick.
I think I was showing all the bus values, because I talked to the person next to me so the driver could concentrate.
I always make sure to sat thank you. I was also very respectful in science. It was the last lesson and it was by far my favourite lesson. I also did what the science teacher said because we made slime it was VERY fun to play with.

Care Value
The care value I showed was Excellence because I tried my best in making the slime even if it went a but off sometimes.

Leadership Trait
The leadership trait I showed was active thinker because when we were making this thing (I sadly can't remember what it's called.) I found a way to improve it and make it the best I can.

I Have a large Vocabulary that is connected to my knowledge of the world.

W.A.L.T: Have a large Vocabulary that is connected to my knowledge of the world.

Here is my latest worksheet The text I read before this was Underground explorers  

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.46 am.png
Void: an empty space or vacuum.

Fluorescent: able to give off visible light after being exposed to a source of heat, light, or other form of energy

Vulnerable: able to be hurt or injured

Interconnected: to connect or cause to be connected one to the other or others.

Seldom: not often; rarely.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.46 am.png
Example/Non Example
Is a void messy? Why or why not?
No, as It’s completely messy so there is no space for ANY mess.
Which color is the most fluorescent at night? Why?
Its would be a natural colour as It gives of light from heat or energy.
Why are elderly people more vulnerable than children? Why?
As they aren’t as strong boned and they’ve been in the world longer so they’ve used their bones a lot more.
Which is more interconnected; a vine or a dandeloin? Why?
A vine because you can firmly hold onto a vine and a dandelion is very small and doesn’t have as much grip.
Which is more seldom; the Olympics or an election in NZ? Why?
The olympics because elections are much more often in New Zealand.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.50 am.png
Word Associations
The plants in the garden are die during a frost
There were lots of different paths that joined each other
I made a shot from halfway while facing backwards.
We are still exploring  outer space.
I can find my key ring easily in the dark.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.50 am.png
Word Relationships

How might each pair of words be connected?
Sometimes being in a space with lots of light can make you vulnerable because the light might hurt your eyes.
I big space can be interconnected like the caves there are lots of paths in the caves that are interconnected.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.50 am.png
Extended Writing
Think of a time when you felt as though you were in a void or when you saw something that happens seldom. Write a paragraph about this.
A time when something void has happened is when I have travelled to England. Ever since I have lived in New Zealand (which is 8 years.) I have been to England twice. One time for my Uncle’s Wedding and one time in 2012 It is a very rare thing as It costs a lot of money.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Open nights - Homework Challenge

For a homework challenge I went to 3 different open nights. I really liked all of them but some stoof out more then others.
The first one I'm talking about is Hagley College I didn't mind it But It wasn't my favourite as I just didn't feel as interested but, it still is a good school and I have a friend who goes there who's doing well. I noticed that in year nine you don't choose a specific set of subjects to do, you do a bit of everything.

The second one I'm talking about is Burnside high school I saw it was very big school with lots of students! and the drama is amazing I really like drama so I thought that was very cool I also really liked the speeches The head students gave I really liked them and found them very interesting. I also LOVED the library because it was massive and I love reading!

The last one I'm talking about is Hillmortan High school. I really liked this one! I saw some of my friends from last year and they were very welcoming. I really liked the cooking and science I think they were very cool I also liked the                                                                                               computer stuff they did with 3D printing and                                                                                           programming.