Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Career Writing

My career writing is about becoming a Forensic Scientist something i needed to improve on in my writing is vocabulary if a word is highlighted green it was changed to make more sence 
The paragraph i'm writing about is related jobs:

Similar jobs to becoming a Forensic Scientist is a research Scientist and a Health Care Scientist, They are both related to a forensic scientist as you do have to study really similar thing in high school and you have to have a Bachelors Degree in Science.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My goal (explore authors purpose)

Here is a worksheet I have done for my reading goal explore authors purpose.
In the first box it is the authors purpose it can either be inform entertain or persuade and then you put reasons why you choose that one.

The second box is the point of view the point of view can either be agree disagree or neutral and then you would put reasons why you chose that one.

The third box was the intended audience when you choose that one you can choose age group or people who would find the text helpful e.g people who love.... 

The last box was overall statement the overall statement is what you think of the authors text overall.

If you could fill in a sheet independently then you are at extended abstract for this goal.

My goal reflection

1. To be better at Reading,Writing and Maths.
I think all subjects are improving because I have achieved some parts of these subject but they could be better.

2.  To be better at Te Reo:
I think it is sort of improving but i do find this subject rather difficult, could be better.

3. Try and get into Canta Maths:
Canta maths isn't yet but I have passed some areas of maths.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

My swimming Challange

Today I went to the swimming pool with my family (Jellie Park) My challange from from Miss O was to do 30 lengths.  My dad and my brother did part of it with me.
Here are some photos of my challange:

Sunday, 17 May 2015

My 2 3 course meal part 2.

On sunday 17th (today) I made part 2 of my 3 course meal.

Starter: bruschetta
Main Course: Slow Cooked Chicken Dhansak.
Desert: Cookies N cream Ice Cream


My 2 3 course meals part 1

On suday the 10th may I made a 3 course meal here's what I made:

First course:  Smocked Salmon
Main course: Roast Beef,  Yorkshire Pudding and Trimmings.
Desert: Chocolate Pots.


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

my hippo poem

People say hippos are always mad
whitch kind of makes me sad
but as you can tell
this poem is about hippos!

I honestly just love hippos
thats all i can say
but if i wanted a hippo to live in my house 
it wouldn't want to stay.

The way i describe hippos are
happy are happy and hoppy
but people disagree 
and say there more sloppy.

Thats a conclusion to my poem about hippos
but there is one more thing i want to say
hippos are the best animal in the world
and thats how its going to stay.

My launage features: 
i used ryhme and basicly every paragraph i used rhyme as its one of my favourite launage features.
In my third papagragh i used alliteration and hyperbole as i recently learnt about it and i wanted to use it in my poem.