Friday, 23 September 2016


Today and yesterday I had librarian.
Firstly I decided to helpZainab and Alicia at librarian because I didn't do it last Friday as I wasn't there.
Firstly on Thursday we went over to the junior area as usual and read our books I read to to quite a few little kids and it was pretty enjoyable as they were quiet.
Withy little kids, if you read to quite a lot one or two of them will end up walking off but it wasn't too bad as a lot of little kids can be challenging.
I read the usual books I would read as they're the most popular. (preferably books that are pretty or involve the word princess.)
Today when I read to the little kids it was pretty fun, some of them very very excited as the holidays were coming up.
I decided to change the books up and have a more interesting look at the books to see what to read, I made sure to find a Disney based book which was foxes and hounds.
When I read foxes and hounds I notice it was a bit too long so I shortened it, I can do that as it still makes sense and they don't seem to notice!
They also liked the other books I read like Clifford the big red dog.
Overall the past two days I had a swell time at librarian.

Role Model:
I was a role model by making sure to put the books back in the right place.

Leadership Trait:
The leadership trait I showed was active thinker because I usually read very similar book but today I decided to read something very different nd it worked.

Care Value:
The care value I showed was community as I got involved while doing librarian and helping out.

Kapa Haka

Today I had Kapa Haka.
I decided not to bring my long poi as I was very sure we weren't going to need it.
Once I got there I took off my shoes and waited with Makayla as the class who were doing Te-Reo Maori weren't quite finished yet.
Once we could go inside we sat in our lines and sang a song.
After that we went through a song we have recently learnt that had actions, I was aa but concerned as I wasn't there last Friday and I vaguely remember the actions of the first part of the song, but had no clue about the actions to the second part of the song.
I tried to make it not obvious that I had no idea how to do the actions to the second part of the song so I just tried and I just tried to copy the people in front of me.
Matua went through two actions that we weren't doing right and then we practised the song again.
The actions weren't too hard at this point as we thankfully in this song had repeated actions so I wasn't completely lost.
After a while I was starting to get to much better and memorised most of the actions!
Todays Kapa Haka [ractice was pretty short but still helped me a lot!
Overall today's kapa haka practice went very well and I'm getting better at the actions.

Role model:
I was a role model because I was listening and paying attention.

Leadership Trait:
The leadership trait I showed was resilience because I was messing up the action quite a bit but I still didn't give up

Care Value:
The care value I showed was community because I was really getting involved and trying my best.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

I can take action to improve the water cycle in Canterbury

In this project I was working with Alicia and Zainab and we decided to create a water filter

Here is a link what we made Youtube video

In this project we decided that our success criteria were:  
A good TV ad, water filter or Children’s Story needs...
Why is this important?

Needs to be able to produce drinkable water.
Because if the water is not clean bacteria spreads and people get sick.
Need to be strong.
So it doesn’t break and It can carry all the weight in it.
Needs to be long lasting.
So you don’t have to make new water filters all of the time.
Needs to have the right materials.
Because without the right materials the water filter wouldn’t work.
It needs to be able to work in different areas.
Because all water filters are built for different countries and areas.

Overall our project met the criteria because it did actaully make fresh water.... after a while. But it was good because we also cleaned what was inside my water filter and then it made clean and fresh water. Plus we were pretty lucky as a reasonable amount of water came out so we could have a good look at it.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


W.A.L.T I can describe the characteristics of music from songs of a different time and place

Over the past 7 weeks I have been learning to describe the characteristics of music from songs of a different time and place

I can describe these characteristics in a piece of music: Form, (different types of voices and instruments put into a piece of music.) Melody, (usually known as the part that gets stuck in your head.) Timbre, (The part of the music that makes it unique.) Harmony (when voices are put together.) Rhythm ( a catchy song with a catchy beat.)

Here is an example of my learning music sheet

Monday, 19 September 2016

Kuru Games (kauri Team Event)

This week the year 7/8s had kuru games.
I was representing Oaklands in girls football and I think we did okay.
On the first day we had the opening ceremony and giving out badges, personally I don't find the opening ceremony very interesting but I knew we were always going to have it anyway.
After the opening ceremony we had to go our fields/courts we were playing at, so football and netball went together.
Onx=ce we got there we had to put our gear on and get reaady as we were all haveing a game soon.
I was feeling excited and nervous all at the same time, when we started to warm up for our gameIstarted to feel even more nervous, but when we started playing I felt okay.
Sadly we lost the games we played on the first day, but it didn't bother me too much as I had so much fun.
The second day was filled with lots of football as we played 3 games, our last game finished on a penalty shootout.
I really didn't want to take the penalty but the teachers asked me to so I did it anyway.
I had to take one for the team and go first which really wasn't what I wanted to do.
I was very nervous and missed, but only one person in our team got it in and I felt so happy for them!
On the last day we had 2 games and the team we lost to on penalty the previous day we had to verse again.
the game ended 0-0 so we had to do penaltys again!!!
I actually got asked again which surprised m but I still tried my best.
I was less nervous and aimed it much better, sadly their goal keeper was goo and dived on the ball.
After all the football games we had the closing ceremony which went very well.
Overall I really enjoyed kuru games and will miss it as it is my last kuru games.

Role model:
I was a role model because I made sure to lisen to the teachers when they were giving instruction.

Leadership Trait:
The leadership trait I showed was resilience because even when we were losing I can still say I tried my best.

Care Value:
The care value I showed was community because I made sure to really get involved.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Kapa haka

Today I had Kapa Haka.
I was pretty happy to have kapa haka today as we didn't have to last week.
We talked about the cultural performance Festival performance for a bit and how we got some really go feedback from it.
We also have to other performances coming up this year which areprize giving and the Gala, so to prepare for them we are learning 2 new songs!
The song we were learning today was a song that was done 2 years ago from out 2014 cultural festival.
I didn't know the song as I was in kapa haka that year but I was excited to learn it!
Firstly we went through the song and learnt the lyrics, then we learnt actions.
I think I kind of know the actions, we didn't learn all of them, but we learnt at least half.
I personally really like the beat of the song and the actions which is good!
Also this week we had the Kapa Haka photos, sadly it did take a very long time as there are a lotof people in kapa haka but I had sure to be quiet and be a role model.
Overall I had a good week for kapa haka anf I made sure to be a good role model even if times got a little hard.

Role Model:
I was a role model because at some points lots of people weren't listening when the teachers were trying to teach us the actions, but I made sure to listen.

Care Value:
The care value I showed was active thinking as I had to think if a good was I was going to learn all the actions for the song.

Leadership trait:
The leadership Trait I showed was resilience as the kapa haka photos did take a very long time but being really noisy wouldn't make the time go faster.


As I couldn't do librarian this week, I'm deciding to blog about the librarian school photos and other things.
Firstly we had to go and wait outside the hall foyer because there was another class currently have their school photos taken.
It did get a little loud as we were doing the Librarian photos while  lunch time was happening and people were coming in and out.
I just waited with my friends until we could go into the hall to get our pictures taken.
For the photos we had to line up shortest to tallest and get into lines. As only years 7/8's are librarians I was in the taller row, I also noticed that there weren't any boys in librarian which I thought was pretty weird!
I didn't have to wait too long for everyone else to be given a position to stand or sit for the photo which was really good.
Also this week I helped out in the library during the morning, as I was originally going there to return a book with my friends and we noticed that Mrs Ward wasn't there so we decided to help and scan books and do returns until she came back.
I personally really like helping in the library as I find it pretty fun to scan the books.
Overall I think I had a good week for doing librarian related things and being a good role model for helping out.

Role Model:
I was a role model as I was being very quiet when I was standing waiting for the photo to be taken, as I was one for the first people to be given somewhere to stand.

Care Value:
The care value I showed was Community as I got involved and helped out in the library.

Leadership trait:
The leadership trait I showed was resilience as photos can be very boring as it's mostly just standing around but I was still very quiet.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

CARE My Progress so far

CARE: My progress so far

The CARE award that I am working towards is: Gold

The one area of CARE that I am doing best in is: Respect   because: I have the most ticks in it.

The one area of CARE that I need to work harder in is: Active thinking             because: I need to get a little bit more ticks in that area.

To show my leadership qualities I am a role model to others in the CARE values by doing/showing these leadership traits: Motivational because as I am doing rather well on my care I can always make sure to add my ticks.

On the CARE SOLO matrix below I am at this SOLO level: Extended abstract            because: I think I'm doing pretty well as I'm making sure to add my care ticks.





Extended Abstract
I am not aware of the CARE values yet.
I know what the CARE values mean.

I need help to use them.
I can use the CARE values.

I need reminding to use them.
I can use the CARE values independently.
I can use the CARE values independently.

I can role model to others how to use the CARE values.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Kapa Haka

As Kapa Haka wasn't on today I'm deciding to blog about cultural festival.
So this week was cultural and Oaklands performed on the Tuesday.
We went to a practice during school time which was pretty fun, at the practice we had 9 minutes to go over our performance, I thankfully didn't mess up but I did find during the poi song we were quite close together.
After the practice we go to this area and go over what will happen tonight.
On the night of the cultural festival we met outside at around 6:00 I got there I but earlier though.
When everyone was there we made sure everyone had the correct uniform, the girls had to wear a head bands and the year 8 girls had to wear feather earrings.
After everyone was ready we went inside to go and watch the festival, Oaklands were the last school to perform so we got to watch all the other performances first.
Once we got told that it was time to go backstage we went and got into out lines.
I was very nervous about performing in case I messed up!
The first song went really well and I was starting to feel more confident.
in the poi song, I didn't mess up! Which was so relieving.
In the last song it went very well also and after that another school came on to sing with us.
Overall the cultural festival went really well.

Role Model:
I was a role model as I made sure to listen to the lady who was telling us the rules.

Care Value:
The care Value I showed was excellence because I really gave it my all for the performance.

Leadership Trait:
The leadership trait I used was active thinker because I had to really make sure I was in a good position for the poi song so my poi didn't hit anyone elses.


Today and yesterday I did librarian.
Firstly yesterday I was helping out Alicia and Zainab first,we got some books, we decided not to bring the bean bags and just grab some books and head to the junior area.
Once we were at the junior area we got some little kids and read to them. The books I read were obviously barbie books as there were so many in the box Thankfully lots of them I haven't read before so I just read them anyway.
After reading a few long ones we headed back to the library and returned the books.
For today's library we brought bean bags and put them in a shady area I read to quite a few little kids as it was very hot at lunchtime.
The only problem having a bean bag is that when you even leave it for 1 second a little kid jumps on it, but thankfully that didn't happen today!
overall yesterdays and todays session of library went very well as we had a good amount of little kids listening to out books

Role Model:
I was a role model as I was getting involved and helping out.

Leadership Trait:
The leadership trait I used was active thinker because it was a very hot day and it wouldn't be good to put the bean bags somewhere where it's really hot.

Care Value:
the care value I used was Excellence because I read as many as I could books until we had to go and return the books.