Wednesday, 6 May 2015

my hippo poem

People say hippos are always mad
whitch kind of makes me sad
but as you can tell
this poem is about hippos!

I honestly just love hippos
thats all i can say
but if i wanted a hippo to live in my house 
it wouldn't want to stay.

The way i describe hippos are
happy are happy and hoppy
but people disagree 
and say there more sloppy.

Thats a conclusion to my poem about hippos
but there is one more thing i want to say
hippos are the best animal in the world
and thats how its going to stay.

My launage features: 
i used ryhme and basicly every paragraph i used rhyme as its one of my favourite launage features.
In my third papagragh i used alliteration and hyperbole as i recently learnt about it and i wanted to use it in my poem.

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