Monday, 22 February 2016

An Effective Leader

WALT Describe the traits of an effective leader

In the classroom We've been Learning about the traits of an effective leader and how we can be a good leader and what leadership means to us.
Here are the 6 traits that we thought as a class an Effective Should have.

Integrity: Integrity says to me honestly, pride and nobility and just helping people out and being kind in general.

Goal focused: Trying your best to something and only focusing in one activity to complete to your highest standard to do right.

Trustworthy: people know you're reliable and can trust you with helping them out or filling in for them with a job they have e.g PALS.

Active Thinker: Thinking about your actions where you should do your school work and how you can be a better leader in general.

Resilient: Never giving up on something even when it gets really difficult.

Motivational: motivate people to do there best in everything and be a role model role and a inspiration.

Here is my example of an activity I have been working on it's based of Ewan Cameron
Leadership Trait
Example of this trait
  • What actions did the leader take?
  • This action shows…(which trait?)
Why is this an example of this trait
  • Why does…(action) show…(trait?)
He has always been honest about what he’s making and how he’s making it
Because making food is probably rather risky and he’s always being honest
Making food that people eat, might contain trust that’s people might not Realise  but luckily Ewan keeps all the food up to scratch.
Because making sure the machines are working and everything is right must be a lot of work even if you have your worker doing it but being a manager.
Until 2012 all the fair trade company’s that were in Europe were made into big factories so it made it hard for NZ to keep up.
Because you need to work really hard to get things back on track especially if you’re running a big chocolate factory.
Active Thinker
As a fair trade company he has to think importantly about what he’s doing ect
Because it must be hard getting the best out of everything as the chocolate factory is rather small compared to the ones all around the world.
Goal Focused
As he is always focused to make quality chocolate that people would enjoy.
Because he’s working very hard on whats
He has motivated his workers to work well and try there best
Because he is the boss of his chocolate factory and he has many workers checking the machines.

My next step is to make sure to show these all the time.

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