Monday, 25 April 2016

Exposition - Evaluating Leaders

Leadership is a very important skill that some people excel in. These two people have showed this skill in the past. The two leaders I'm comparing is past prime minister Helen Clark and important historian Kate Sheppard.

Helen Clark is known for being the Prime Minister of New Zealand for 9 years (1999 - 2008.) She has shows a lot of leadership skills while being prime minister, but one the skills she has used from the start was resilience. She never gave up, especially in the 1996 election when her party didn't win, but that didn't stop her to try again in the 1999 election when she won. An example of her resilience that she shows now are the newspaper articles about her that might not come across in a positive way but she gets through it. Another trait that she has shown during her reign as prime minister is active thinking.

As a prime minister you have to come up with ways to improve New Zealand as a whole and Helen Clark did in some ways. She came up with many ideas, here are a few, She increased the minimum wage 5% a year, Interest free student loans, and one thing she did that affected and helped the world was when she contributed some New Zealand soldiers to the Afghanistan war. These are two out of many traits Helen used while she was Prime Minister. Helen Clark is a well known and respected woman in New Zealands history but so is the next leader we're comparing.

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