Friday, 5 September 2014

My haunted house writing

It all started on a dreary Monday at the time 6:00 pm I was going out for a late walk before dinner. While I was walking in the very corner of my eye was a old moldy, disgusting looking house. So I quickly scanned it and the first thing I noticed was a divine looking pile of money and yes money in a life threatening house and YES would it be worth it? Well I think so I have nothing to lose, don't I? 

When I turn the dusty doorknob I feel something's not right… I feel like a creature is only centre metres away from me. I just slowly scan the room while clutching the doorknob. I was terrified and frightened all at the same time. I knew I came here for a reason… so I took a slow step into the house and I heared my left foot stepping on a moldy block of wood slowly creaking…

Then I carried on I told myself to be quick so then I just ran, while I was running I jut blinked for a second and then after I did I saw a Chucky looking baby doll appear in front of me. I was in the faze of fainting so I just quickly ran out while screaming horridly at the same time. 

I decided to NOT go in there ever, ever again so I just decided to keep it simple and throw rocks at the window disappointingly it didn't work. But then I realised it was Monopoly money all that time. I was very, very disappointed also no wonder the five hundred dollar was orange.

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