Monday, 22 September 2014

Oakland's acrostic poem

O: opportunities oaklands has lots and lots of opportunities like production, kapa haka, choir and other learning opportunities

A: always prepared, oaklands is a very prepared school, when camp comes up they always prepare what we're doing.

K: kauri/kakano team, oaklands has 2 year teams kakano (juniors) and kauri (seniors) kakano is year 1-3 and kauri is 4-8.

L: loads of fun, oaklands has lots of fun subjects and can make everyday learning fun.

A: art, there are lots of art related work at oaklands for the people who are interested in that kind of stuff.

N: news crew, there is a news crew at oaklands they report the latest news/gossip

D: duty teachers, duty teachers help solve/resolve problems that happen at oaklands.

S: sport, there are lots of sports news at oaklands like winter sport, cross country and swimming sports.

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