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Research an important person or event in NZ’s history (Homework Challenge)

                                                           Margret Mahy

Margret Mahy was an early Childhood writer who has written over 100 children books, 40 novels and 20 collection series.

                                                    Early Life/ Childhood

Margret was the oldest of 5 and was raised in Whakatane. Her Dad was a Bridge builder and her mum was a teacher. The first ever published story she wrote was "Harry is Bad." which she wrote at age 7. Mahy was never academic but had an amazing imagination to write storys.


Mahy first worked as a Librarian in Pentone (The school library service in Christchurch) And In 1976 worked at the Canterbury public library as a children's libarean. While she was working as a librarian many of her stories were published in the New Zealand Department of Education School Journals. As this went on her book "lion in the meadow" got Published internationally. In 1980 Mahy Became a full time writer and continued to write many more children's books and win many book awards. Also in 1985 she established the Margaret Mahy Fees Scholarship at the University of Canterbury. There was also the Margret Mahy By the New Zealands Children book foundation in 1991.

                                                                  personal Life

Margeret Mahy raised 2 daughters as a single mother. When she was 62 she got a tattoo on her right shoulder of a skull with a rose in its teeth. She got the tattoo as she was writing about a person being tattooed and felt as the best way to write about it would be to experience it herself. In 2007 Mahy adopted a puppy and named it Honey because of its colour.

 In April of 2012 Mahy was diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous jaw tumour.  Mahy Sadly Passed away at Nurse Maude Hospice, St Albans, Christchurch on 23 July 2012, aged 76.

 But now there is a park named after her in Christchurch. I have personally been there myself and it is very popular.

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