Sunday, 19 July 2015

Family outing

In the holidays I asked to go on a family outing with my family.
We went to Springfield and Darfield.
The places we went to were the big pink Springfield donut, a cafe next to the donut that sold donuts and Darfield Bakery for pies.

Lunch: 26.00$ food/drink: Chicken, Steak, Lambs fry and bacon  pies and coffee x 2.
Donuts: 9.00$ x2
Petrol: 10.00$

Time table:
Left Christchrurch 10:30
Got to Springfield/the big donut: 11:30 A.M
Went to the train station: 11:40 A.M
Went to Darfield Baker: 12:00 P.M
Went for a walk
Went home 2:00


In the end I had lots of fun but it was really cold in Springfield,

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