Friday, 21 October 2016


Today I had librarian.
Firstly before school this week my friends and I would be in the library and help out if Mrs Ward wasn't there and someone had a book to return.
Also this week it was raining and Alicia and I wanted to get out of the classroom so we went to the library and Mrs Ward asked us to move a table and put a few books away for her.
Personally, I really like returning books as there is something pretty fun about it.
I also had reading to the juniors today which I always like to do.
The library was actually closed today but I asked if Alicia and I could still do reading to the juniors as I really wanted to blog about it.
As the library was closed we didn't bring bean bags, just books.
After Alicia and I chose our books we walked over to the junior area.
while reading to a little girl these other girls came over so I changed my book to an interesting book as the other one they found boring.
It was a long lego friends book with quite a bit of information.
The book to quite a while to read and finish so afterward I asked Alicia if she wanted to pack up as we need to put the books away.
So after we packed our books up we walked back to the library to put all of our books and anything else away.
Overall reading to the juniors went very well today as we had some good books to read and the juniors listened very well.

Care Value:
the care value I used was Community for getting involved and doing librarian as i could've not done it as the library was closed.

Leadership Trait:
the leadership trait I showed was active thinker because I made sure to chose the best book to read as it was long and I had to make sure it was simple for them.

Role model:
I was a role model because I made sure to get involved and just do librarian.

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