Friday, 7 October 2016

E4. Plan an overseas holiday for your family. Budget for flights, accommodation, food and activities. Present your itinerary.

New York:

Flying to new york with 4 adults using emirates costs $13,591.

High end: Waldorf Astoria (Breakfast and Wifi) $484, per night.
Lower End: Pod 51 Hotel $269, per night.

Visit the empire state building. If you wanted to visit the empire state building there are 2 main options, you can go for a standard tour which costs $208 for 4 adults (You would be touring the 86th, 102nd floor, main deck and top deck.)

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
This one is a cheaper options as it only costs $18 per adult, so for $72 for 4 adults.

You can go to China Town if you want to go shopping or if you want to go to a restaurant.

A high end restaurant is per se, it is a high end restaurant which has great reviews and very good chefs.

A lower end restaurant is le bernardin, it still had very good reviews and is a lot cheaper.

Overall I think New York would be a wonderful place to visit, even though it is very expensive.
Personally I would love to go to a big department store in New York, but it still would be a dream come true to go to New York in general. I would want to go shopping and broadway especially.

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