Friday, 27 May 2016

Being A Good Role Model

This week I think I have been a good role model.
Firstly I have been Putting the gear away that I have been using, for example I have been playing a lot of netball this week so I make sure to put the ball back where it belongs . (The red bin.)
Also today I went to te hapua and when we got back to school I made sure not to walk through any games that the juniors were playing. Lastly juniors come over a lot when I play netball so I have to be careful that no little kids fall over I also was a role model for getting involved.

Leadership quality:
The leadership trait I showed was motivational because I was being a good role model for the little kids.

Care value/ Learner quality
The CARE value I used was respectful I was making sure to be careful when playing netball.

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