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Home work challenge - Research a different culture. Find out how their culture differs to yours

Research a different culture. Find out how their culture differs to yours
For the culture I'm researching, I'm researching Jewish culture because I'm currently reading Anne Frank so I thought it would be a good idea.

Jewish culture;

Jewish cuisine is very different then English cuisine, their cuisine consists of lots of soup and lots of different types
bread fish specifically NOT shellfish, and other food some traditional meals consist of Hamantashen (Triangular pastry filled\
 with poppy seed or prune paste, or fruit jams)
Kreplach (Boiled dumpling similar to pierogi or gyoza, filled with meat or mashed potatoes and served in chicken broth.)
and Kugel (Baked sweet or savoury casserole made of noodles or potatoes with vegetables, fruits, fresh cheese, or other items)

Before the weddings starts the groom has to sign a marriage contract that's talks about food, clothing etc the signing
must have 2 witnesses. The bride usually walks around the groom 3-7 times when they arrive at the Chuppah this comes from the religious quote a
"a woman shall surround a man." After the bride has been giving the ring the groom breaks glass under his right foot.  

A very inportant Jewish celebrations is hanukkah the celebration lasts 8 days this year it goes from 24 december to 1st of
january. There are many ways people celebrate it. one of the ways is using a dreidel, a dreidel is a 4 sided top that
jews use for gambeling reasons. The main foods they eat on hanukkah are very oily foods. They also give presents to
each other.

Every Friday evening/Saturday Jews have a tradition called Shabbat, Its when on a Friday evening they finish up all their work
specifically cleaning they also create a specific mood in the house like playing Jewish music and lighting candles.
They also make a very important Jewish dinner. Also on a Saturday all the shops close. As on that day they stand by the quote
"Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of Adonai your God."

As I don't have a religion I have to base the culture around where I'm from (England)
English culture:

there are different types of English cuisine there is a traditional English afternoon tea which consists of tea, pastries etc.
There is also a traditional Sunday, Sunday roast which my family have every Sunday in the winter, fish chips and mushy peas,
Steak and kidney pudding, full English breakfast.

Saint Georges day is the national day of England. It is celebrated on April the 3rd (also the aneversy of saint Georges death.)
The legend is about saint George and his army killed a dragon to save a princess. In sports events you will see a lot of the flag
of saint George being flown around.

England celebrates a lot of well known celebrations, like Christmas and Easter

Traditional English weddings usualyt start at a church where the bride and groom get married in front of family and close
friends. After that they the church they go to a nice hotel where they have a nice meal. After dinner the best man, the groom
and the brides father all do a speech. Everyone usually comes bearing a present. After the meal, speeches and the cake has been cut
the evening starts where other people arrive for the party. The bride and groom have the first dance then the nights carries on.

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