Friday, 13 May 2016


Today I had Liberian, I read to little kids straight after I got back from Te-Hapua. which was around 1:10.
So by 1:10 I had just got back from Te-Hapua, so I just grabbed some library books and headed to the junior area. i read to 2 different groups I first read to this little girl and then I read to a big group of little kids. I really wanted to read to them before lunch ended so I could say I did my duty and blog about it.

Care value/ Learner quality
The Care Value i showed was C because i got involved as I could of  not done it at all as there was only 20 minutes of lunch time left.

Leadership Trait
The leadership trait I used was resilience as Reading to little kids can be hard as they're very on/off about reading to them.

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