Friday, 2 September 2016


Today and yesterday I did librarian.
Firstly yesterday I was helping out Alicia and Zainab first,we got some books, we decided not to bring the bean bags and just grab some books and head to the junior area.
Once we were at the junior area we got some little kids and read to them. The books I read were obviously barbie books as there were so many in the box Thankfully lots of them I haven't read before so I just read them anyway.
After reading a few long ones we headed back to the library and returned the books.
For today's library we brought bean bags and put them in a shady area I read to quite a few little kids as it was very hot at lunchtime.
The only problem having a bean bag is that when you even leave it for 1 second a little kid jumps on it, but thankfully that didn't happen today!
overall yesterdays and todays session of library went very well as we had a good amount of little kids listening to out books

Role Model:
I was a role model as I was getting involved and helping out.

Leadership Trait:
The leadership trait I used was active thinker because it was a very hot day and it wouldn't be good to put the bean bags somewhere where it's really hot.

Care Value:
the care value I used was Excellence because I read as many as I could books until we had to go and return the books.

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