Monday, 19 September 2016

Kuru Games (kauri Team Event)

This week the year 7/8s had kuru games.
I was representing Oaklands in girls football and I think we did okay.
On the first day we had the opening ceremony and giving out badges, personally I don't find the opening ceremony very interesting but I knew we were always going to have it anyway.
After the opening ceremony we had to go our fields/courts we were playing at, so football and netball went together.
Onx=ce we got there we had to put our gear on and get reaady as we were all haveing a game soon.
I was feeling excited and nervous all at the same time, when we started to warm up for our gameIstarted to feel even more nervous, but when we started playing I felt okay.
Sadly we lost the games we played on the first day, but it didn't bother me too much as I had so much fun.
The second day was filled with lots of football as we played 3 games, our last game finished on a penalty shootout.
I really didn't want to take the penalty but the teachers asked me to so I did it anyway.
I had to take one for the team and go first which really wasn't what I wanted to do.
I was very nervous and missed, but only one person in our team got it in and I felt so happy for them!
On the last day we had 2 games and the team we lost to on penalty the previous day we had to verse again.
the game ended 0-0 so we had to do penaltys again!!!
I actually got asked again which surprised m but I still tried my best.
I was less nervous and aimed it much better, sadly their goal keeper was goo and dived on the ball.
After all the football games we had the closing ceremony which went very well.
Overall I really enjoyed kuru games and will miss it as it is my last kuru games.

Role model:
I was a role model because I made sure to lisen to the teachers when they were giving instruction.

Leadership Trait:
The leadership trait I showed was resilience because even when we were losing I can still say I tried my best.

Care Value:
The care value I showed was community because I made sure to really get involved.

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