Friday, 29 July 2016

At Technology and on the bus

This week is the first week of term 1 and it was mainly getting back in the routine of everything.
On the bus I think I showed all the care values. 
the bus wasn't loud this week witch was good!
At technology my class is cooking and we cooked pikelets, they actually ended up really good!
After cooking we did some reflection related stuff and also had a sneak peek at what we were cooking next week, witch I'm pretty sure we're cooking burgers next week witch sound really yummy!
On the bus ride on the way back the bus 2 (my bus) got a really nice bus, it was really big!
Overall i think I displayed the care values on the bus and at technology.

Care value:
The care value I showed was respect I talked at a good noise level to my bus buddy so the bus driver could concentrate, I also showed respect because on the way back to school my bus buddys class was running a little late so I just started reading respectfully.

I showed leadership by being an active thinker for the pikelets as we added a little more oil to the pan and they cooked really well!

Role model:
I was being a role model as I was being safe on the playground because some of the playground can be dangerous if your not careful.

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