Friday, 8 July 2016


Today I had Librarian.
As usual we brought some bean bags as it had cleared up by the afternoon.
I brought 3 books with me but only read one, witch is quite weird as i usually read lots of books.
But this book was different as it was rather long and had lots of quizs.
I enjoyed reading the book It was a lego friends book witch I saw right before I was going to head to the junior area.
I actually found the book rather interesting as it had some quizs witch I did with the girl I was reading.
Overall I enjoyed reading to the little girl.

Care value:
The care value I used was Respect because If you're reading a book that has quizs you have to be patient.

Leadership trait:
The leadership trait I used was active thinking because as it wasn't wet this afternoon we brought the bean bags witch worked put well.

Being a role model:
I was a role model by being respectful with the books and making sure we had everything we needed before we went bake to the library to return our books.

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