Friday, 8 July 2016

Helping Out Around The School

This week is Maori Language week and one of the activities is origami so Mrs Baker emailed me and lots of other people if they could help out with it I helped out yesterday with the little kids. 
Yesterday the little kids were making paper lanterns first we gave out crayons so they can decorate the lantern, after that we supervised the cut strips of paper, after that we help them do the gluing and the they're done! 
I did enjoy helping the little kids and we got some cool photos in. 
After all the little kids were finished we had a group photo with Mrs Ward then we had a funny photo of us dabbing witch was so funny!

Care Value:
the Care Value I used was Excellence because I made sure the little kids had all there laturns to a high standard.

Leadership Trait:
The leadership trait i used was motivational because i had to show lots of little kids how to do it so they could help each other all there were more little kids then helpers.

Being a role model:
I was a role model by Making sure to help all the little kids and making sure it was done well as some little kids forgot to cut a handle so I had to cut a handle on a piece of paper for many little kids.

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