Friday, 29 July 2016


this week i did Librarian twice.
I did it first on Thursday as I  wanted to help my friends out, I did it today also as its my usual time.
Firstly on Thursday it went nicely I read to 2 little girls who liked me reading Barbie books and Spot The Dog Books to them.
Thursday was a good day to do librarian as sometimes it takes a while to find little kids but a little kid wanted me to read to them straight away!
On Friday I also read to two different little girls and i read a Charlie and Lola book, Sleeping Beauty and Harley Mclary.
I liked reading all those books as they were different and the little kids liked the books.
Overall on Thursday and Friday Librarian went well!

Care Value:
The care value I used was Active Thinking by choosing some different books to see if they're just as popular as the books I usually read.

I used leadership making sure the little kids had a good selection of books to choose from.

Role model: 
I was a role model by treating the library equipment with respect.

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