Friday, 1 July 2016


This week I had an esol meeting and it was a little different!
Instead of the usual greeting people and helping them if they need help signing in and getting to room 16, Victor and I got to come to the first 15 minutes of the meeting to introduce ourselves as it's the last meeting of term 2!
I really liked staying for some of the meeting as I got to talk to some really nice people. When I introduced myself I said my name and a fact about my self. (My favourite sports Tennis.)
Overall I enjoyed greeting people at the start and going to the meeting.

Care value/learner quality
The Learner quality I used was communicate because I was very polite to the parents I talked to. I also had some very good conversations with some of them!

Leadership quality
The Leadership quality I used was Active Thinker because I escorted a lady get to a different meeting as she had no idea where room 17 was.

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