Friday, 1 July 2016


Yesterday I had Librarian.
We decided not to take the bean bags as people were already sitting on them so Zainab, Alica and I thought we didn't need them that much.
I read to 3 little kids I read 1 spot the dog book, two fairy books and a different book witch I can't remember the name of.
We usually read for 20 minutes and then we pack up the books and return them to the library.
If I could change something I would've read inside the library as it was very cold yesterday and there were some little kids in the library.
Overall I think it was a good session of librarian.

Care value/Learner quality
I think I used respect because I made sure everyone got a fair choice of what books we read as some people wanted to read different types of books.

Leadership Trait 
I think I used resilience because I didn't stop half way through as it was rather windy yesterday!

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