Friday, 26 August 2016

Getting Involved

This week I think I got involved.
Firstly I helped out at the library on Thursday as it was winter tournament and some people who had librarian that on also.
Also this week has been a little chilly but I still got involved and played even though that wind was absolutely awful but running around and getting involved made me feel much, much better very quickly!
I also have been helping out in the library quite a lot this week during before school.
I really liked helping out before school as I actually enjoy issuing and returning books, oldly enough I find seeing the books people get out pretty interesting.
I Also got a sneak peek at what books were in the cupboard and I found the rest a series I've been dying to read for ages!
Overall I think I got involved this week

Role Model:
I was a role model because I got involved during lunchtime instead of sitting and talking which would make me even more cold.

Care Value:
The care value I used was Active thinking as I think I did a pretty good job at helping!

Leadership Trait:
The leadership trait I used was Resilience because even though it was very windy and cold some days I still got involved.

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