Friday, 19 August 2016


Today I had Librarian.
Today we decided to bring the bean bags out as it was raining or damp outside, it was just very windy!
We just bring the books that we think are most popular with the little kids, that usually consists of Barbie books and spot the dog books.
This time, I actually read to quite a few little kids, I read to around 3-4 which doesn't sound like a lot but sometimes they can be a bit much with what book you read!
I do find it rather hard bringing the bean bags sometimes because when you leave them for even 2 seconds, a little kid just starts jumping all over it.
Also before Librarian both Alicia and I found two little kids who were injured, so we both brought them over to Mr Mcaven.
After reading to the little kids we just brought the bean bags back to the library and we also returned the books.
This time, I found that little kids and bean bags don't always mix well together, just by carrying a bean bags I still have little kids grabbing the bean bags!
Overall It was a very good session of librarian.

Role Model:
I was a role model by taking care of the bean bags and being respectful of them.

leadership Trait:
The leadership trait I showed was Active thinker because I had to make sure to be "fair" with bean bag space.

Care Value:
The care value I showed was excellence because I actually read all the books this time even though some of them were shorter than others!

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