Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle is a continuous - system of how we get our water.
During the cycle water comes in three stages, liquid, solid and gas. There are also 5 steps of the cycle known as evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff and groundwater.

Evaporation is the unofficial first step of the water cycle, furthermore the sun plays a massive part in evaporation. When the sun beats down on rivers, lakes and oceans and invisible substance known as water vapor rises up. On a cold day the water vapor turns into fog. Once the water vapor goes higher we experience condensation and precipitation.

Condensation and precipitation
Condensation and precipitation are different stages of the water cycle; But they are both major parts of it. Condensation is usually known as that stuff on our window from the hot are hitting the cold air and it's just like that in the water cycle, except when the water vapor rise up (towards the sky) the temperature gets colder and colder, in the end the water vapor becomes part of a cloud. When the cloud gets to big it falls down to earth as either sleet, snow, hail or obviously rain, that's called precipitation. So we have talked about evaporation, condensation and precipitation now we are talking about something that doesn't end with "ation."

Runoff and groundwater
Once precipitation has fallen back to earth it could fall into a river/stream which is called runoff or it could fall into soil and it will sink in and make a well with dirt above it and that's what we call groundwater. You can find groundwater no matter what country you live in.

So that was the stages of the water cycle, so what people don't know is that we never get new water, it is recycled over and over again. Technically there is no start to the water cycle also.

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