Friday, 12 August 2016

Kapa Haka

I have just got back from Kapa Haka and I think it went very well!
It was an hour long practice for me and the senior girls but the girls who are doing short poi had to stay behind to perfect their actions.
We also learnt some new commands which are for when we put out pois away.
Whats we did was we mainly ran through out cultural festival performance and we did some stuff to do with transitions.
I think I went good because I made sure to listen and be quiet after transitions because there was a lot of talking before we did out school song, but thankfully none of the seniors were talking!
In the poi song I found I did mess up quite a bit at one point during the song, after that I made sure to get my timing better.
In one of our songs we do stepping and I thought I was pretty much in time with everyone else.
To improve I'm going to practice my poi this weekend because there is always room for improvement!
Overall I think this weeks 1 hour session went well.

Role Model:
I was a role model because when before we were going to perform the school song people were talking but I was quiet.

The leadership trait I used was active thinking because at the start I made sure to ask the person in front of me to move over a little so I could be behind them.

Care Value:
The Care Value I used was respect because I was resilient during poi as this session I did mess up quite a bit.

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