Friday, 5 August 2016


Today I had librarian.
As usual I read to little kids but the library wasn't open today but we could still do it anyway.
We decided not to bring bean bags as the deck wasn't open.
I read to lots of different little kids as they tend to come and go.
The books i read were Barbie, Spot, Wacky Wednesday and a fairy tale book.
I actually re-read the Barbie books because when different groups of little kids came they wanted me to read them the barbie books which was okay I guess but it got very boring after a while.
Reading to little kids can be rather interesting I came to find this session because one second you have a parade of little kids and then the next second your reading to 2 little kids.
Near the end of librarian I noticed Alicia still hadn't finished the book she was reading to the little kids and I saw a little girl sitting on her own so I offered to read to her sadly i had to go and return the book to the library otherwise i would be very late for class.
Overall it was a good session reading to little kids.

Leadership trait:
The leadership trait I used was motivational because i encouraged some of the kids to be read to as they weren't doing anything or weren't getting involved as much.

Care Value:
The Care Value I used was excellence as i did librarian a lot longer then I would normally but I didn't mind.

Role Model:
I was a role model because I helped the kids get involved and do something for their lunchtime.

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