Friday, 12 August 2016


Today I had librarian.
Firstly we chose our book which were basically Barbie books, which is quite rare as there's never any barbie books people usually get them out.
We decided not to bring bean bags because the weather looked very murky and like it could rain and we wouldn't want to get the bean bags wet.
As usual I read to a mixture of people as little kids come and go.
I read around 5 books and I read to around 4-5 little kids but it was all at different times as some of them leave.
There was a problem with one of the books going missing because halfway through reading a book one of the girls I was reading to told me someone had took a book and ran of with it.
I usually don't mind little kids taking books and reading them to themselves but they always read very close to where I am.
But this girl was on the other side of the junior area.
So I got up and briefly asked for her to give the book back after a short while she did.
Overall librarian went very well even though there were some "malfunctions."
I also did enjoy reading the books too!

Leadership Trait:
The leadership trait I used was active thinker because it was best not to bring the bean bags in case it rain.

Care Value:
The care value I used was Respect as I was very polite to the girl who took the book even though it did get a little frustrating as it took more then one go to ask for the book.

Role Model:
I was a role model because The same girl who took the book ran up to Alicia and I when we were heading back to the library so I said to her that she can have the book if she comes to the library to read it.

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