Friday, 19 August 2016

Kapa Haka

Today I had Kapa Haka.
We practised our performance for the cultural festival which is coming closer and closer!
I starting to feel even more nervous as its coming up soon.
We ran through our performance over and over just to make sure everything's good.
After running through we had Mrs Martin, Mrs Hall and some of the office lady come and watch our cultural festival performance.
After that, they told us it was really good Which is nice!
After doing our practising we got our outfits for the cultural festival, so we had to line up tallest to shortest.
I was closer to the front as I'm pretty tall, which was actually to my advantage as the tall people got to go first!
When I got my outfit it was a good fit, sadly I didn't get a top with straps on it but, that was okay. After waiting for everyone else to change into their outfit we just sang songs.
Even though I didn't really know the lyrics to some of the songs we were singing, I still sang the words I did know!
Overall It was a good kapa haka practice as we got to practise in front of people.

Role Model:
I was a role model because I was waiting patiently for everyone else to wait and get their outfit even though it did take very long.

Care Value:
The Care Value I showed was Active thinking because I am a rather awkward height when it comes to the Kapa Haka skirts, there either too long or too short so I just went for a long one that I have to pull up which is okay.

Leadership trait:
The leadership trait I showed was resilience. Because I was really nervous performing in front of people but I didn't give up even though I did make some mistakes.

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