Friday, 5 August 2016

Being A Role Model To The Little Kids.

Today I garden to table, it was my first time gardening and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it.
One everyone got there I got assigned 2 little kids, one of the little kids didn't speak much  English as it wasn't here first language.
So I had to try really hard as I'm not really a massive fan of gardening as I really didn't like the idea of getting dirty or anything like that.
My job with the little kids was pulling the leeks and then putting then making the soil even again.
I actually liked it more then I thought I would as we got to wear gloves and I just mainly had to pull out the leeks that the little kids couldn't pull out.
I also had to make sure that when they pulled the leeks out they shook the dirt of sensibly, so I had to keep role modelling how to do that as they found it very funny when they shook the dirt off.
After all the gardening I had to help out with cooking which I enjoyed as I did cooking last week.
Overall gardening was challenging in a good way and I actually enjoyed it.

Role model:
I was a role model as I had to show them how to do some of the gardening as they were having a bit of trouble at some of it.

Care Values:
The Care Value I used was Active Thinking because I had to actively think about communicating to the little girl who couldn't speak much English.

Leadership Trait
The leadership trait I used was resilience as I couldn't give up even when it got a little tiring (as little kids can be very difficult.)

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