Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Open nights - Homework Challenge

For a homework challenge I went to 3 different open nights. I really liked all of them but some stoof out more then others.
The first one I'm talking about is Hagley College I didn't mind it But It wasn't my favourite as I just didn't feel as interested but, it still is a good school and I have a friend who goes there who's doing well. I noticed that in year nine you don't choose a specific set of subjects to do, you do a bit of everything.

The second one I'm talking about is Burnside high school I saw it was very big school with lots of students! and the drama is amazing I really like drama so I thought that was very cool I also really liked the speeches The head students gave I really liked them and found them very interesting. I also LOVED the library because it was massive and I love reading!

The last one I'm talking about is Hillmortan High school. I really liked this one! I saw some of my friends from last year and they were very welcoming. I really liked the cooking and science I think they were very cool I also liked the                                                                                               computer stuff they did with 3D printing and                                                                                           programming.

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