Friday, 17 June 2016


Yesterday I had Librarian.
I actually really enjoyed librarian because it was nice and sunny and the bean bags were really nice when they're in the sun for a bit.
Firstly I got some books out that I either haven't read or I have read once.
I was reading to one boy and one girl, the books I read to them were spots books, which is rather funny because I used to read spot books when I was younger as they are a little old.
After reading to the little kids I was walking back with Alicia and I overheard one of the little kids I was reading to yelling so I got and check and their is a "little Kids" argument so I got the one I was reading to, to go and play with some of her friends because they were yelling at her, I would've told Peer mediators but sadly I couldn't see any at the time.

Care value/ Learner quality
The care Value I used was respect as I respected equipment when I carried it over and back.

Leadership quality:
The leadership trait I used was integrity because I was being fair when briefly solving a problem.

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