Friday, 3 June 2016


This week I have been doing some leadership
Firstly we didn't have the best weather this week so on one of the days the flag was up it got drenched!
But thankfully we put up the Samoan flag the next day so it was okay! Mrs Smith dried the flag  near her heater in her office.
This week we have been doing an action plan so we are planning something for the end of the term.
Also this we was an ESOL meeting so we had to greet some people, but they usually know what they're doing.

Care Value
The care value I used was active thinking because making the action plan did take rather long but it worked very well.

Leadership Trait
The leadership quality I used was Resilience because on the day of the bad weather I had to put the flag down! But I did it even though it was freezing!

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