Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Yesterday I had a very important meeting about leadership.
A few weeks ago my whole class did an action plan and as I come under the leadership group I had to organise a event.
Yesterday I had a meeting with Mr Mcallum to discuss what we should do. So we are having some children who performed at the multicultural assembly to perform at the open day. Thankfully MrMacllum has found 5 people who can do it so that is really awesome!!

The Care value/learner quality I have used
I used active thinking as in the end we came to a final dissuasion about what we should do and I also have done a lot of this on my own with organising the meetings and so on.

The Leadership quality I have used
I used resilience because we had to change the original idea around a little bit because it was much better and suited more people.

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